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Hogs Post Another Round of Limit Gains as Trade Tensions Ease
BRUG - Fri Sep 13, 12:30PM CDT

Lean Hog futures are posting another round of strong gains, with Dec and Feb up the expanded limit. A Chinese official indicated US pork made the list of US goods that are exempt from additional tariffs of 10% that went onto effect on 9/1. The tariff is still a stiff 62%. The CME Lean Hog Index was down another $1.16 at $60.69 on September 11. The USDA pork carcass cutout value FOB plant was down $2.09 on Friday morning at $68.38. The picnic was the only primal reported higher, with the belly down $9.01. The national average base hog value was $72 cents lower at $45.59. Estimated FI hog slaughter was 1.943 head through Thursday, 193,000 head above the same week in 2018.

OCT 19 Hogs are at $65.675, up $2.500,

DEC 19 Hogs are at $68.700, up $4.500

FEB 20 Hogs are at $75.100, up $4.500

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