Hours of Operation

Corn Dump

Thursday 15th & Friday 16th 7 am - Noon

Week of November 19th

Monday - Wednesday  7 am - 4 pm

- Please call to get your account login & password to have mobile access to your delivery summaries, contracts balances, settlements & grain balances.  After you have your login & password just click on the following link.  http://pass.verticalsoftware.net/lilsioux

- Price Later – Title passes to LSCP at date of unload.  20c/bu contracting fee plus 3c/bu/mo service charge starting at date of unload until pricing.  If priced within 15 days of unload, all service charges will be waived.  Corn must be priced at LSCP spot delivery price and not for forward delivery month price.  If you wish to avoid the fees, basis contracts are available for no charge.

 - Moisture Shrink will be 1.5% for each 1% above 15.0% moisture up to 18%.  Moisture shrink will continue to be applied every 1/10 of a percent.  No load averaging.  No drying charge.

Loading Hours

DDGS - Monday - Friday 7 am - 4 pm.

MWDGS - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week 

Office Hours - Monday - Friday  8 - 5

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